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Top 10s of 2012


Another year is in the books here at Everything Action and that means it’s time for us to lay out what we thought were the best movies of the year.  There were lots of great movies this year including The Avengers, Skyfall, The Dark Knight Rises, The Expendables 2 for the big blockbusters and The Grey, Cabin in the Woods, Looper and Dredd were some of the best second tier movies.  Check out the lists for the each of the Everything Action crew below.



1. The Avengers
2. The Dark Knight Rises
3. Skyfall
4. Jiro: Dreams of Sushi
5. The Expendables 2
6. Looper
7. The Amazing Spider-man
8. Prometheus
9. Dredd
10. Cabin In the Woods



1. The Avengers
2. Skyfall
3. The Dark Knight Rises
4. The Expendables 2
5. The Grey
6. Looper
7. Dredd
8. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
9. The Cabin in the Woods
10.Wreck it Ralph

Honorable Mention: Chronicle, Prometheus, Total Recall, 21 Jump Street, The Raid, Goon



1. The Avengers
2. Skyfall
3. The Expendables 2
4. The Dark Knight Rises
5. The Amazing Spider-Man
6. The Grey
7. 21 Jump Street
8. The Lorax
9. Wanderlust
10. The Campaign



1. The Avengers
2. The Dark Knight Rises
3. Skyfall
4. The Amazing Spider-Man
5. Prometheus
6. Ted
7. The Grey
8. The Expendables 2
9. 21 Jump Street

Honorable Mentions: The Cabin in the Woods, ParaNorman, The Bourne Legacy, Chronicle

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