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Justice League Movie Faces Major Overhaul

Posted on February 7, 2013 by

Well, this didn’t take long.

"F*cking Beall"
“F*cking Beall”

Remember when we told you that the upcoming Justice League movie may now depend upon the success of this summer’s Man of Steel?  Well, it would now seem as though the Justice League has bigger problems than moviegoers’ interest in Superman to deal with.

According to a report over at Badass Digest, the Justice League script turned in by Will Beall is not up to Warner Bros. standards. In fact, it basically kind of sucks.

The script is rumored to revolve around the Justice League banding together for the first time to face Darkseid, as well as an unnamed “cosmic threat”. While this doesn’t sound terrible, it seems that this movie is suffering from the Warner Bros./DC syndrome of old, before Chris Nolan was in the picture. That is, there are too many voices and not enough ears. As the saying goes, too many cooks spoil the broth, and that is certainly the case. Characters have reportedly been added and taken out arbitrarily, and I cannot help but think that what ultimately ruined Batman and Robin (merchandising opportunities over quality storytelling) may be taking the wind out of the sails of the Justice League movie.

"Should we say something?"
“Should we say something?”


Needless to say, a 2015 release for the Justice League looks unrealistic at best. I can’t say that I’m really surprised by this news, though for what it’s worth, I am disappointed to an extent. I was hopeful that a Justice League movie was actually fast approaching.

But wait a minute, this could actually be a good thing for everybody, right? Think about it. If DC/WB decides that a Justice League movie just doesn’t make sense right now (and it doesn’t), then maybe they’ll revise their plans and instead decide to build up their individual properties first before assembling an ensemble of heroes, like those Avengers rascals did with such success.

Meanwhile, on Earth 2...
Meanwhile, on Earth 2…

Despite the borderline idiotic comments recently made by Mark Millar, I know that a Justice League movie can work, and I know that it will happen. How can you possibly say that DC’s characters are out of touch or outdated when you are in charge of developing the Fantastic 4 movie? Don’t forget, this is the same guy who was saying how great Beall’s script was not so long ago. Mark Millar will be a Marvel guy until the checks stop coming in.

So what do you think? Should WB/DC plow ahead and find a new writer to get a Justice League movie out in 2015, or should they take a step back and come up with a new game plan for the DC Universe on film?

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