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EA Commentary: Vampire’s Kiss


Despite what that poster above might imply, Vampire’s Kiss is not a wacky romantic comedy starring Nicolas Cage.  It’s an unintentionally hilarious and disturbing descent into madness as Cage’s Peter Loew believes he’s becoming a vampire after getting into a relationship with a sexy lady vampire.  Or is he just completely insane?  Or did he get rabies from the bat that flew in his window in the beginning of the movie and the rest of the movie is the thoughts of his dying mind?  The crew of Zach, Chris and Joe try to answer these questions but mostly just end up laughing at the fully unleashed Cage Rage and his ridiculous southern/British/yuppie accent.  If you somehow have a copy of this movie on DVD, you can sync it up and watch along with the guys but, you can also just watch it below, since the whole thing is on youtube.

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