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EA Commentary: Ghost Cat


For the latest Everything Action Commentary, Zach and Chris watch a movie that is “…no Mystic River, but it’s sweet and suitable for the whole family.”, Ghost Cat.  Seemingly wiped from the careers of everyone involved, especially star Ellen Page, Ghost Cat follows a history author and widower who comes to a small town with his daughter to research the Revolutionary War and look at the house of a kindly old lady and her cat.  The lady abruptly dies and the dad and daughter quickly move in but strange things start happening.  There’s also the woman’s weaselly nephew who is involved in some sort of embezzlement/real estate  deal with a stereotypical evil real estate tycoon, who are trying to buy/get rid of a local animal shelter.  Zach and Chris try to determine why the nephew is escalating things so quickly, what the range of power of a Ghost Cat is, why the three main kids seem to have vastly different ages and much more.  You can stream Ghost Cat on Netflix and on Amazon Prime Instant Video so download the commentary, grab a drink and watch along with Zach and Chris.


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