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Everything Action Theater: Our RoboCop Remake


The “official” remake of RoboCop is out tomorrow but the version you should actually be watching is the fan made Our RoboCop Remake.  Similar in execution to the Star Wars Uncut fan project, where fans each took a 15 second or so chunk and redid it shot for shot, Our RoboCop Remake divides the original RoboCop into 60 chunks and lets various filmmakers and comedy troupes put their own spins on them.  I feel it surpasses Star Wars Uncut because instead of slavishly recreating the movie, this lets the various groups go off on weird comedic tangents while keeping the general gist and important dialogue of the scenes.  The surprise of not knowing what’s coming is the funnest part, so you should just watch it as blind as possible, which you can do below.

Our RoboCop Remake – (Full Movie) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.

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