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Everything Alcohol: Maniac (2013)

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Looking for that special someone to share your passions with? Elijah Wood shows us what not to do to impress the ladies. We watched and played our second drinking game to IFC Film’s “Maniac”.

“You can only be a nice guy for so long”.

For this game, we followed the rules created by MovieBoozer, and we added one additional rule.

The Rules:

  • Frank gets an awkward stare.
  • Scalping scenes.
  • Frank has a hallucination.
  • When you see Frank’s face.
  • Drink when anyone says something nice to Frank*.

*This was our rule be cause we needed more reasons to be loud.

The Players:

  • Zach Sheets
  • Chris Prime – Chris Cheng
  • Chris 2 – Chris Ali.
  • Special Guest: Asa Gillette

Grab a copy of the audio and sync up the movie to play along with us. (We had some technical difficulties so apologies if the commentary gets out of sync with the movie)


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