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The Pull List 2/26


  • Ghostbusters #13: While we sadly lost Harold Ramis this week, Egon lives on in the fantastic IDW series and a new story kicks off with Winston getting married.  While the OG team celebrates the wedding, Ron, Kylie, Melanie and The Rookie take on the ghost of a murderer attacking the employees of a law firm and old friend Dana Barrett gets drawn back into the world of the supernatural by a new pair of Babylonian gods.
  • TMNT #31: The guys are still recovering in Northampton with Casey and Don repairing an old motorcycle, Raph and the mutant fox Aloplex finally putting aside their differences and Leo finally having a heart to heart with Splinter.  The peace is shattered however by a team of Foot assassins and a vicious new mutant hawk but Leo is ready to defend his family again.
  • Samurai Jack #5: Jack gets agonizingly close to defeating Aku this issue, breaching his fortress to collect the last piece of the Threads of Time, which Aku uses as floss.  With the full power of the rope at his disposal, Aku deals Jack a lethal blow.  The threads communicate with Jack and tell him he can either return to his actual time, but most likely die from his wounds, or rewind back to before Aku struck, but there is only enough magic for one choice.  Jack chooses to stay and fight and escape from Aku’s tower, determined to find another way to stop him.
  • Judge Dredd #16: Judge Death finally makes his US debut as the true reason behind the judge killings is revealed.  Dredd is wrongfully accused of the murders by the insane Judge Cal but the Psi Division gets a massive Psi blast from the dead Judge Anderson and they help Dredd get released to find Tarjay, who kills himself to turn into the new Judge Death.
  • Deadpool #24: Agent Preston finally escapes Deadpool’s mind thanks to some SHIELD tech but the SHIELD traitor Gorman sabotages the machine that is tranferring her consciousness from Wade to a Life Model Decoy.  Dr. Strange arrives to help and Wade’s sub conscious fights off a host of Deadpool clones to get Preston to safety.  Wade still seems to be talking to her in his head though, so it’s not clear if he’s completely insane or if the procedure didn’t work fully.


  • Fantastic Four #1: A new team is on Fantastic Four as they seem poised for their darkest days.  After a great battle against Fin Fang Foom, everything seems to be mostly looking up for the Four, Ben may be getting back together with Angelica, Johnny’s band is super popular and the kids are happy.  The only one missing is Valeria, who ran off to Latveria after the events of the last story arc.  There are bookends from a future Sue that suggests things are going to go downhill, fast.
  • Indestructible Hulk #19: Hulk almost meets his match in the transformed Randall Jessup, one of Bruce’s lab assistants who was transformed into an Inhuman that feeds on rage and trades it for well being.  Hulk figures out that he can stop him by not looking at his eyes and Jessup returns to relative normal.  Bruce thinks he might have a cure but Randall is kidnapped by teleporting evil businessman, Dr. Goodrich.
  • Secret Avengers #16: Things come to a close as Mockingbird, who stayed behind on AIM Island while the other Secret Avengers escaped, has a brutal fight with AIM Scientist Supreme, Andrew Forson, which ends with Forson getting thrown off a gangway to his death.  Mockingbird escapes and meets up later with Winter Soldier and Quake to work as “free agents” while Maria Hill wipes out the memories of the other Secret Avengers and finalizes her deal with MODOK to have him work for SHIELD.
  • Vikings #1: Free on Comixology right now is a prequel to History Channel’s Vikings.  Rollo and Ragnar Lothbrok join their father in a battle against an invading Earl prior to the events of Season 1 but their father is cut down in the battle.  As he’s dying, Ragnar sees a vision of Odian and the Valkyries carrying him to Valhalla, but Rollo sees nothing and his bitterness starts.  They meet a shield maiden named Lagartha soon after and Ragnar is the one who seeks out her company, despite interest expressed by Rollo.
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet #8: Deadpool and his love interest, Queen Shiklah arrive in London on a flying chair they hijacked from MODOK.  After dropping off Hydra Bob at a vet’s office, Shiklah and Deadpool are ambushed by the werewolf Jack Russell but Deadpool and Shiklah manage to break Dracula’s hold over him.  Fed up, Dracula sends out his “Frightful Four” which includes Frankenstein’s Monster, a Mummy, a Brood assassin and a Centaur/Werewolf/Symbiote.


  • X-O Manowar #22: After getting his armor returned to him, Aric of Dacia makes a deal with the US Government to get a section of Nebraska designated as the new Visigoth home.  In exchange, Aric must now do missions for the US and his first is to destroy the wreck of the spaceship that brought him and his people back to Earth that the Russians want.  Aric blows the ship but it may have been too late to stop the Russians from collecting a number of alien weapons.
  • Thunderbolts #22: After negotiating a contract with Mephisto, the Thunderbolts challenge the new ruler of Hell, Strong Guy of X-Factor, and Rulk is able to beat him, giving Mephisto back his throne.  Due to the shrewd negotiations of the Leader, Mephisto has to agree to his terms and brings Mercy to Hell, who was torturing Punisher and Elektra for info on where Ross was.  Mercy is delighted by Hell and starts absorbing souls and Deadpool’s writer to the contract opens a portal to Heaven and an army of angels invades Hell as well.  Because of the contract, Mephisto has to send the Thunderbolts back to Earth, where an angel feather Deadpool collected heals Frank and Ghost Rider officially joins the team.
  • TMNT: Utrom Empire #2: The war between the Triceratons and the Utroms is further explored this issue as Krang tries to save his comrades after Baxter Stockman’s sabotage.  Arriving back on his homeworld after crushing the Triceraton uprising, Krang is welcomed as a hero but the rebel leader escapes and takes Krang hostage.  Instead of killing his son, Krang’s father allows him to escape, which Krang finds unacceptable.  Donnie learns most of this from the Fugitoid’s journal and finds they have plans to shut down the Technodrome, if they can infiltrate Burnow Island.
  • Star Trek #30: Jim Kirk and Jane Kirk come face to face as the gender swapped Enterprise crews work to figure out a way out of the temporal storm they find themselves in.  The Chekovs are able to figure out a trajectory for each ship to get back to their own dimension and they do just before the anomaly collapses.  Because of the weird forces happening, there are a couple of great cameos who temporarily wink into the Enterprise.
  • Wolverine #2: We find out a little bit about why Wolverine is with his new team and working for Mr. Offer as he had a talk with Superior Spider-Man and realized that he needed to get onto a team where no one would feel sorry for him or expect more than he could offer.  Mr. Offer is also helping Wolverine get to Sabretooth, who has taken over almost all the criminal organizations in NYC except the one run by Green Goblin.


  • Origin II #3: Put on display in a circus, Wolverine is tortured to pop his claws and perform each night by showman, Hugo Haversham.  The mysterious and evil Dr. Essex makes continued offers to buy Logan but Haversham refuses.  Eventually there’s doubt about Logan’s true nature and Haversham agrees to let Dr. Essex test Logan, which leads to Essex gassing and killing Haversham and his men at his lab.  He violently vivisects Logan, who survives and intends to turn him into a mindless soldier but Logan is rescued by the kind Clara and Victor Creed.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #12: The new darlings of the internet are on a rescue mission to save the young Jean Grey of the past, who is on trial by the Shi’ar for future crimes she will commit as The Phoenix.  The rescue party encounters heavy resistance on the Shi’ar throne world and might be too late to save Jean.
  • Star Trek: Khan #5: John Harrison’s story is finally concluded as we learn how he manipulated the Section 31 system to get his “family” into the torpedo tubes and reveals that he remembers everything to Admiral Marcus before setting his plan that plays out in Star Trek Into Darkness into action.
  • The X-Files Conspiracy: Transformers: The Lone Gunmen have a lead on the contagion that may wipe out humanity in the future but it turns out their lead is the Autobots Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, who are looking for the captured Ratchet.  Langley and Bumblebee immediately hit it off and the groups join forces to find David Simmons, a scientist working for Skylogic Labs, the source of the contagion.  Finding Simmons, they find the warehouse where Ratchet is held and rescue him and Byers is able to get the location of the main lab that is manufacturing the virus but Skylogic’s security team may have found them.
  • Doc Savage #3: In 1961, Doc is finally ready to reveal his miracle new drug that will basically grant everyone immortality but a terrorist threat from a group called Arachne interrupts his address to the UN.  Heading out his supersonic jet, Doc infiltrates the Arachne sub and confronts it’s leader, Ethan Thorne, who fires a nuclear missile at Doc’s base, Orion Station, killing two of his team and destroying the supply of the drug.  Doc is crushed at the loss of his team members and also the fact that he may have waited too long to reveal the drug to the world.


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