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EA Commentary: Megaforce


For the latest Everything Action Commentary, Zach and Chris are joined by special guests Chris A and Asa to watch the ridiculously cheesy 80’s stuntfest, Megaforce.  Directed by the late, great, Hal Needham, the movie follows Barry Bostwick as Ace Hunter, leader of the super secret, GI Joeesque, Megaforce team.  It’s not clear who sanctions them or where they get their funds but they are recruited for a mission to stop an evil general from invading the peaceful Middle Eastern country that neighbors his own.  If there was a GI Joe stunt show in the 80’s, this would be like the big budget movie version of that show.  The guys struggle to figure out the plot, are overwhelmed by lasers and explosions and discuss the bizarrely dedicated fanbase of the movie.  The entire movie is available on Youtube, so queue it up with the commentary and get ready for the “greatest spectacle ever seen on screen”.



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