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EA at Albany Comic Con

By Zach


Living in Central New York, I’m surprised I had never been to or heard of Albany Comic Con, which has  apparently been going on for 11 years.  Seeing as how I had free Sunday and live just over an hour away, I decided to head out there to check it out.

Albany Comic Con is definitely not a destination con but if you’re in the area, it’s a cool little con that is packed to the gills with comics.  The emphasis is definitely on the “comic” portion of comic con.  Most of the vendors there had at least a dozen long boxes full of Marvel and DC of various grades and prices.  I picked up some Deathlok issues for 50 cents each plus some Ren & Stimpy, the first issue of Marvel’s Earthworm Jim comic and the graphic novel of the video game, Mercenaries.  One thing I didn’t realize about my area is that apparently it’s a big GI Joe region, as there were probably four or five booths that had nothing but vintage and new GI Joes.  Transformers were also represented with at least two of the big booths featuring them.   There was a small but nice artist alley, a gaming section and a silent auction for some cool X-Men original prints but it was a little rich for my blood.

Overall, it was a cool comic book show but that’s the main thing about it.  If you’re looking for back issues and are in the area, it’s definitely worth heading out there.  If you’re looking for toys, panels and the other events of a bigger con, you might find it a little lacking but I would probably head out there again next year.

One, two, Freddy's sticking on you
One, two, Freddy’s sticking on you
Holy Big Wheels Batman!
Holy Big Wheels Batman!


The Force of Freedom
The Force of Freedom
This actually doesn't have numbers but instead just blinks "KILL"
This actually doesn’t have numbers but instead just blinks “KILL”

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