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EA Commentary: TMNT Coming Out of Their Shells


With the new movie coming out this week, Zach, Chris and regular commentator, Chris Ali, decided to watch something TMNT related that would make the new one seem amazing by comparison, the entire Coming Out of Their Shells concert, filmed at Radio City Music Hall.  Debuting in 1990 at the peak of Turtlemania, the Turtles have, for some reason, given up ninjitsu for terrible rock and roll and must use music to defeat Shredder’s last plot, which is to destroy all music.  The guys try to figure out why there are clearly two different sets of turtle costumes, why Shredder is rapping about destroying music when that is music, why Splinter has a bizarre solo about skipping stones and much more.  The entire video was uploaded to youtube, so you can sync it to the commentary below.


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