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EA Commentary: Action USA



When we find out there’s a movie simply called “Action USA” from 1989, you know there’s no way we are not going to watch it and Zach, Chris and special guests Asa, Chris Ali and Ryan did exactly that for the latest Everything Action Commentary.  Seeming more like a stunt demo reel than an actual movie, Action USA follows a woman named Carmen whose boyfriend, Billy Ray, is murdered by gangsters working for crime boss Cameron Mitchell, who wants a cache of diamonds Billy Ray stole.  Carmen ends up in the protection of two FBI agents, who have to get her out of the dangerous land that is 1980’s Texas before a cowboy hitman named Drago finds and kills them all.  The guys try to figure out why everything in Texas is explosive, why is Freddy Mercury so pissed, Billy Ray’s vague clues to the diamonds and much more in this car chase/explosion/shoot out extravaganza.  The whole movie is below, thanks to Atomic Cyborg on youtube, and you can sync it up to our commentary and get ready for good, old American style action.




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