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Musical Montage: MF Bumps ft. Jack Black “Bumps Gonna Goose Ya”


With Goosebumps hitting theaters this weekend, and it also being the spooky month of October, the timing is just right for a Jack Black 90’s throwback song, Bumps Gonna Goose Ya.  Completely and wonderfully insane in the best way, the song and video are an homage to all the awesome/awesomely bad movie song/music videos of the 80’s and 90’s like BatDance by Prince, Men in Black by Will Smith, On Our Own by Bobby Brown and more where there’s clumsy attempts to recap the movie, create some sort of new dance craze or both.  Bumps Gonna Goose Ya earns massive bonus points for not only sampling the 90’s Goosebumps TV show theme, but also giving a verse to everyone’s favorite demented ventriloquist dummy, Slappy.  Check out the video below and check out Goosebumps this Friday.

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