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EA at NYCC 2015: Batman: Bad Blood

By Zach


Picking up directly from Batman vs Robin, the next entry in the DC Animated Universe is arriving next year as the Batfamily has to deal with the disappearance of Batman and a mysterious new Bat vigilante, Batwoman, and Lucius Fox and Batwing are introduced into the DC Animated Universe as well.  Jason O’Mara returns to voice Batman and Yvonne Strahovski playing Batwoman, Gaius Charles playing Batwing, Ernie Hudson playing Lucius Fox, Sean Maher playing Nightwing and Stuart Allan playing Damian Wayne.  The first trailer debuted this week in an episode of DC All Access, which you can see below:

If that isn’t enough, we also got the chance to talk to Batman himself, Jason O’Mara, as well as director Jay Oliva, producer James Tucker and character designer Phil Bourassa at New York Comic Con to find what what we can expect from the movie.  Some interesting tidbits you’ll hear is Oliva saying the movie he was influenced by was The Raid and The Raid 2, how they balance old and new characters and from O’Mara, what it’s like voicing the Dark Knight.  Batman: Bad Blood arrives next year on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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