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Battle at the Box Office 10/19


Goosebumps, while not exactly a smash hit, still managed to top the box office with a respectable $23.5 million, up from Sony’s modest predictions for the weekend.  It’s Jack Black’s tenth best opening and the third best opening for director Rob Letterman.  Goosebumps opened much higher than the duo’s previous collaboration, Gulliver’s Travels, which only made about $6 million in it’s opening weekend.

The Martian dropped to second with another $21.5 million, putting it over $143 million for it’s three weeks out.

The latest Spielberg/Tom Hanks movie had a surprisingly just OK opening with $15.4 million, just shy of another Spielberg/Hanks collaboration, The Terminal.  Bridge of Spies is Spielberg’s 12th best opening and it’s 17th for Tom Hanks, between Sleepless in Seattle and A League of Their Own.

Crimson Peak, probably not too surprisingly, did not grab a wide audience with it’s insanely gothic trappings.  The movie took fourth with only $12.8 million, the fifth best for Guillermo Del Toro behind Hellboy.  The audience reaction was not great and it had a pretty significant drop off from Friday to Sunday as far as audience, so it could potentially collapse next weekend.

Hotel Transylvania 2 dropped from second to fifth this weekend and made another $12.2 million.

Pan continued to bomb horribly at the box office, dropping from third to sixth in it’s second weekend and making only another $5.8 million and it’s only made $25 million total so far.  According to reports, this movie will probably lose Warner Bros close to $150 million.

Further down the list, indie drama Woodlawn opened in ninth place with $4.1 million in about 1553 theaters.

In 4 theaters, Room starring Brie Larson made $120,000.

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