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Musical Montage: The Ramones “Pet Semetary”

By Zach


The 1989 adaptation of Stephen King’s “Pet Semetary” seems like an odd choice to have a punk rock theme song but that’s exactly what happened as The Ramones delivered the, appropriately titled, “Pet Semetary” for soundtrack.  Despite some negetive feedback, including a Razzie for “Worst Original Song”, the song was a huge radio hit and a staple on The Ramones soundtrack for most of their concerts through the 90’s.  The song was one of the last to feature Dee Dee Ramone before he was replaced by CJ Ramone for the band’s next single, the Christmas themed “I Believe in Miracles”.  The official music video features the band at a cemetery where it seems like everything is happening but bodies gettings buried, check it out below.

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