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EA Commentary: The Monster Squad


For this spooky season, Zach, Chris and Joe watched the 1987 cult classic, The Monster Squad, for the latest Everything Action Commentary.  Following a Gooniesesque group of kids, including bad ass Rudy and “Fat Kid” Horace, they have to put their knowledge of monsters to the ultimate test when Dracula arrives in their small town with The Wolf Man, The Mummy and The Creature from the Black Lagoon in tow to recover a magical amulet and allow evil to run rampant on the Earth.  The kids get some backup when they befriend the recently resurrected Frankenstein’s Monster (Tom Noonan).  The movie is awesome for a number of reasons: the crazy violence, the foul mouthed kids, the amazing pratical effects and you can watch all of it along with the Everything Action crew by syncing up the below commentary with the movie (which is available on Netflix).

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