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EA Commentary: Back in Action

By Zach


Zach and Chris are here for a bonus Everything Action Commentary as they watched the 1993 team up of Rowdy Roddy Piper and Billy Blanks in Back in Action:

The pair initially is at odds but they eventually team up when they realize they both want to take down the local crime kingpin, Kasajian.  Piper wants to get revenge for his murdered partner and Blanks wants to find his sister Tara, who is shacking up with one of Kasajian’s underlings.  If you want to see peak Billy Blanks beat up a bunch of out of shape, possibly Canadian, thugs, this is your movie and it’s a solid 90’s buddy cop style movie as well that’s in that timeframe between the Lethal Weapons and Rush Hours.  The entire movie is on youtube and you can watch it below and sync up our commentary to it.


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