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EA Commentary: Eraser


For the latest Everything Action commentary, Zach, Chris and Chris Ali watched the 1996 Arnold classic, Eraser, where he plays elite Witness Protection Marshall John Kruger.   When Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams) uncovers that her company Cyrez is possibly selling a high tech railgunto terrorists, she’s placed under Kruger’s protection but his boss, Robert Deguerin (James Caan), is part of the conspiracy to sell the guns, leaving Kruger and Lee on their own.  Arguably the last great Arnold movie before he became the Governator, Eraser is full of the ridiculous action and one liners you expect from our patron saint, like fighting an alligator or playing chicken with a plane while parachuting to safety.  You can watch Eraser on Netflix and queue up our commentary to watch along with the Everything Action crew.

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