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EA Commentary: The Saint

By Zach


For the latest Everything Action Commentary, Zach and Chris dive into the 90’s espionage world of The Saint, starring Val Kilmer and his many alter egos.  Playing Simon Templar, a master thief and master of disguise, he’s tasked with stealing the formula for cold fusion from beautiful but awkward scientist Emma Russell (Elisabeth Shue) but Simon falls for her and gets both of them targeted by the Russian mob who want the formula for less than altruistic means.  Kilmer has at least half a dozen wacky characters in his arsenal, including a creepy old man and a Euro trash douchebag and the guys try to get a handle on them all along with how cold fusion is supposed to work, why no one has hit on Elisabeth Shue until this point and much more.  You can watch the movie on Netflix and sync it up with our commentary below.


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