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Street Magic Becomes Real in Sleight (Trailer)

Mixing a crime dram with family drama and magical powers, Sleight made a splash last year at Sundance and is coming out everywhere in April this year.  Jacob Latimore, who you may have seen in The Maze Runner or Ride Along, stars as Bo, a street magician who actually has magical superpowers.  In order to provide for his little sister when their parents both die, Bo falls in with local drug dealer Angelo (Dule Hill) and his crew but he sees things that makes him want out but Angelo is not having it.  Bo has to figure out how to boost and control his powers in order to defend his sister and his new girlfriend Holly (Seychelle Gabriel).  Despite the lower budget, it looks like a pretty cool superhero movie with some fun magic tricks thrown in.  It’s out on April 7th and you can check out the trailer below.

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