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EA Commentary: Way of the Dragon

By Zach

Celebrating Chinese New Year this month, Zach, Chris and Chris Ali went back to the 70’s for the Bruce Lee classic, Way of the Dragon.  Lee plays Tang Lung, who heads to Rome to help the niece of one of his friends protect her restaurant from local toughs.  After fighting off the strange, diverse gangsters multiple times, the local crime boss decides to call in the big guns…Chuck Norris, to stop Tang once and for all.  The guys try to figure out why the gangsters look like a modern day hipster band, why it seems like a kitten is refereeing the final battle, if anyone actually works in the restaurant, why Bruce spends the first 20 minutes wandering around an airport and so much more.  The movie is on Netflix and you can sync it up to our commentary and follow along with the EA crew.  (Note: We’re still trying to figure out our new recorder so the actual movie audio is included in our commentary)


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