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EA Commentary: Commander aka The Last American Soldier

We did something a little bit different for this month’s commentary.  Due to various illness and other excuses, we didn’t fully settle on a movie to watch so the crew of Zach, Chris and Chris Ali let luck decide as we found a playlist of 80’s and 90’s action movies on youtube and we used a random number generator to end up with 1988’s Commander aka The Last American Soldier.  Starring Craig Alan as Roger “Commander” Craig, who is still fighting the Russians/Viet Cong in Vietnam well into the 80’s but is preparing to finally return home with his wife.  Taking a job from the CIA to steal Russian tech on a cargo ship in exchange for passports but things go bad as the Russians attack Commander’s village and proceed to kill everyone Commander cares about, which sends him on a mission for revenge.  Commander is basically Rambo II with a slightly different plot but exact scenes are seemingly pulled right from that Stallone classic, but filtered through an Italian filter.  The guys try to figure out why Commander is still fighting, how the super weapon he eventually builds actually works, if this is the darkest action movie in history and more.  The only way you’ll probably be able to follow along with our commentary is to sync up the movie from youtube below, as this movie barely exists on the Internet.

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