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EA Commentary: Blank Check

Posted on May 30, 2017 by

For the latest Everything Action commentary, Zach, Chris, Joe and Chris Ali dive into the world of check fraud and inappropriate relationships that is 1994’s Blank Check.  When Preston Waters (Brian Bonsall) almost gets run over by an escape convict, Quigley (Miguel Ferrer), Quigley quickly writes him out a check for his bike but forgets to put the amount in his haste to escape the notice of the police and Preston makes it out for $1 million.  Unknown to Preston, Quigley had deposited a briefcase of a stolen $1 million and left instructions that someone would come in with a check for that amount and the crooked manager has to cash it, which he does when Preston rolls in.  Preston proceeds to go on a spending spree while Quigley and his partner Juice (Tone-Loc) try to track him down.  The guys try to figure out how Preston knows how to calculate interest and buy a house but doesn’t know how checking works, why FBI agent Shay (Karen Duffy) is seemingly genuinely attracted to Preston, if Apple paid for all the Macintosh product placement, why the movie is 80% montages and so much more.  The movie is on Netflix and you can sync it up with our commentary below.


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