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EA Commentary: Bulletproof

In another round of action movie roulette on YouTube, Zach, Chris and Chris Ali ended up watching the 1988 Gary Busey “classic” Bulletproof for the latest Everything Action commentary. (Playlist we use for roulette is here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcQctfP_nRhe4R9EHoGXST0SarTgWCwyk)

Busey plays Frank McBain, an LAPD cop who plays by his own rules who was also formerly some sort of special forces/CIA agent during Vietnam.  He’s brought back into military action when, after the worst conceived plan in movie history, a group of international terrorists forming in Mexico get control of a high tech supertank called Thunderblast and McBain has to go in and get it back.  The version the guys watched is below and you can sync up the commentary and watch along with the guys for heavy 80’s saxophone, early Danny Trejo, butt-horns and much more.


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