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Musical Montage: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “Parents Just Don’t Understand”

By Zach

Before the Willenium and the current dark times of movies like Bright and Collateral Beauty, Will Smith was the Fresh Prince (although not even “of Bel Air” next) and paired with his boy DJ Jazzy Jeff for one of their biggest hits, “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.  Arriving in 1988, the classic hip-hop jam was all about how out of touch parents are, never buying the right clothes for you, forcing you to do chores and, most importantly, getting mad when you steal the family Porsche to go to McDonald’s and getting arrested for speeding.  The song was one of two songs to win the Grammy’s “Best Rap Performance” awards before the award was discontinued in 1991 and hit #12 on the Billboard Hot 100.  The music video is classic 80’s hip hop as Will’s room is covered in funky graffiti and Jazzy Jeff is spinning the discs in the background.  Check it out below.

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