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The Pull List – John Wick #3

Posted on September 20, 2018 by

John Wick makes an explosive reunion with Buffalo and Bill, the last of the remaining Three Bills. After carefully making up his way up through hired guns and henchmen, John is prepared for a fierce fight with his former tormentors in El Paso, Texas. This has been twelve years in the making, ever since John witnessed the Three Bills gun down innocent civilians in the streets of El Sauzel, Baja Califonia. But just as Wick is about to right a long overdue wrong, his actions have peaked the interest of Maria, the head of the local assassins guild. John Wick’s path to for revenge falls deep into the underground world of organizes killers, and now more eyes will be on Wick.

Issue three kicks things off with an intense fight sequence that does not mess around for formalities. Giovanni Valletta beautifully captures the action beats.  It’s a guns blazing, headshot popping, judo throwing John Wick that action fans have come to love. Greg Pak explored more of John’s backstory in the previous issue and builds up the importance of John’s revenge. Issue three sets things off with a bang, showcasing John’s sharp focus on getting to his goal. However, the path to revenge isn’t as going from A to B. There are several rules that control the killers, and even John Wick is forced to oblige them. Maria’s plans for John Wick weren’t clear in the past. She seems to have associations with all sorts of hired guns and is a powerful figure in the underworld. Maria wants to make use of John Wick’s skills, but if she can’t control him, then no one will.

John Wick fans definitely should check out this series to supplement the time for the upcoming John Wick Chapter 3 movie. As the John gets closer to his goals, he is undoubtedly creating more chaos for all those who want to him. Desperate people will make desperate choices, and next issue promises to bring out a killer crazy enough to take on John Wick head on.

John Wick #3 was released September 19, 2018.

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