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Everything Action Theater: He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special

The 80’s most powerful and popular siblings, He-Man and She-Ra, joined forces for one of the weirdest Christmas specials ever conceived.  Debuting in 1985, the special finds Orko getting into his usual shenanigans and accidentally launching a space shuttle from Eternia to Earth, meeting two human kids who teach him about Christmas.  He-Man and She-Ra are able to teleport him back but the kids are accidentally zapped back with Orko and have to wait until a power crystal is recharged in a few days before they can return home.  While they wait, they spread the joy of Christmas to all the Masters of the Universe but this also somehow could prevent the evil Horde Prime from taking over Eternia, so he sends his bickering lieutenants Skeletor and Hordak to stop them.  The special only aired once, except in a few rare markets, but it’s become a cult favorite with He-Man fans and 80’s fans in general.  The official He-Man YouTube channel has put the special up in full, so you can check out all the fantastical insanity below.

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