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Movie of the Month: Blackjack

Everything Action is kicking off 2019 with 1998’s insane team up between John Woo and Dolph Lundgren, Blackjack.

Woo directed Blackjack between Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2 and it was planned to be a pilot for an original USA Network series where Dolph would have weekly adventures as bodyguard for hire Jack Devlin.  In some glorious alternate universe, Blackjack ran for multiple seasons but in this universe, the series never materialized, so this movie is all we have.  The movie features all of Woo’s trademarks like slow motion, dual wielding pistols and doves but also some insane touches, like Jack Devlin having the color white be his kryptonite, with anything white causing him to almost instantly becoming weak and helpless (he did take a flash-bang grenade directly to the face, but still).  The movie is on Amazon Prime right now and we’ll be diving into all the crazy action at the end of this month.

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