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Action Hero of the Week: Isador “Machete” Cortez

Name: Isador “Machete” Cortez

Occupation: Former Mexican Federale, mercenary

Family: Wife and daughter (Killed), Padre Benicio Del Toro (Brother)

Allies: Luz, Sartana, April Booth, President Rathcock, Nurses Mona and Lisa

Enemies: Senator John McLaughlin, Rogelio Torrez, Michael Booth, Osiris Amanpour, Sniper, Bianca Vasquez, Marcos Mendez, El Chameleon, Madame Desdemona, Luther Voz, Zaror, Sheriff Doakes, Von Jackson

Weapon(s) of Choice: Multiple machetes, Colt AR-15 Sporter Match HBAR, GE M134 Minigun, Heckler & Koch USP

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote: “Machete don’t text”

See Machete in Action:

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