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EA Commentary: Split Second

In honor of the late Rutger Hauer, Zach and Chris went back to 1992 for the latest Everything Action Commentary, Split Second.

Rutger plays Harley Stone, a detective in London in the far off future of 2008.  The water levels are rising due to global warming and a vicious serial killer is killing his victims and ripping their hearts from their chests.  Harley’s faced the killer before when his partner was murdered and he shares a psychic connection, sensing the killer’s heartbeat when it’s nearby, although this has made him extremely paranoid and trigger happy.  Harley is teamed with serial killer expert Dick Durkin (Alastair Duncan) and Kim Cattrall, Pete Postlethwaite, Alun Armstrong, and Michael J. Pollard co-star.  The movie is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and you can sync it up and watch along as the guys try to figure out what the title has to do with anything going on, how Harley is still alive from eating nothing but chocolate and coffee, why they paid for “Nights in White Satin”, how much of London is actually flooded and much more.

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