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EA Commentary: Honor & Glory

For the latest Everything Action Commentary, Zach, Chris, and Chris Ali watched the 1993 Cynthia Rothrock “classic”, Honor & Glory.  Directed by the legendary martial arts schlockmeister Godfrey Ho, Rothrock (sort of) stars as FBI agent Tracy Pride, who is on the trail of the hilariously over the top villain Jason Slade (John Miller).  Slade, along with sleazy 90s embezzlement, has acquired a piece of nuclear weapons tech that he intends to sell to some very bad people.  Helping Tracy is her reporter sisters (and fellow martial artist) Joyce (Donna Jason), Slade’s former bodyguard Jake Armstrong (Chuck Jeffreys), and Tracy’s Hong Kong cop partner and boyfriend(?) Dragon Lee (Robin Shou).  The guys try to figure out who the actual main protagonist is, wonder why everyone in this world knows karate, revel in Slade’s hilariously evil dialogue and much more.  The movie is available on Amazon Prime or in full below thanks to YouTube and you can sync up the commentary and watch some schlocky 90s action with the Everything Action crew.

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