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Everything Alcohol: Virtual Combat

To celebrate Chris’s birthday this month, the Everything Action crew threw together a virtual birthday hang out and watched Virtual Combat, a ridiculous 1995 action movie starring Don “The Dragon” Wilson that tried to merge what seems like Mortal Kombat¬†and Demolition Man together (and quite a bit of Virtuosity).

For probably our biggest group ever assembled for a commentary, Zach and Chris are joined by regular commentator Chris Ali, Sam from Silver Screen Fiends and Anthony from Retro Roulette, Rob, James, Pat, and Joshi, to all try and figure out this complicated virtual plot of a movie. What the hell are any of the schemes for either main villains? Why do three cyber characters have a real-world psychic link? Why fake Johnny Cage guy’s wife was the only person legitimately acting? Why does so much of the movie take place at the Hoover Dam? Plus many more questions we asked ourselves while we watched!

We embedded the version that we viewed online below, so you sync up and watch along with the whole crew (And you should probably responsibly enjoy some adult beverages to really get into the spirit. We started with a few drinkin’ games rules like bad ADR karate sound effects, Mortal Kombat rip-offs, and the word “cyber”, but feel free to add in your own rules too!) Enjoy!


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