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Everything Action Commentary: Bloodsport

For the latest Everything Action Commentary, Zach, Chris, and special guest Addam celebrated the 35th anniversary of Bloodsport by watching the martial arts classic.  Produced by Cannon Films and released in February of 1988, Bloodsport launched our beloved Jean-Claude Van Damme to superstardom and influenced everything from MMA to Mortal Kombat.  JCVD stars as Frank Dux, a US Army captain and martial artist who is invited to compete in the secretive and deadly fighting tournament known as the Kumite.  Befriending fellow American Ray Jackson (Donald Gibb), Dux fights his way through a cavalcade of colorful opponents on the road to face the Kumite champion, the fearsome Chong Li (Bolo Yeung).  While rewatching this action/martial arts classic, the guys discuss the killer soundtrack, the not-so-secret nature of the Kumite, young Forest Whitaker, the strange acting of young Frank Dux, how much of this is actually true (hint: probably nothing) and more.  Bloodsport is currently streaming on Cinemax and DirectTV so you can sync it up there or use another version of the movie and celebrate its anniversary with the Everything Action crew.

You can find Adam at @addamthecomic on Twitter and Twitch and at theadman2315#2135 on Discord.  He’s also running the console freeplay area at cons like Too Many Games.

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