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Tony Todd is Another Vengeful Spirit in Devilreaux (Trailer)

Tony Todd is a horror icon and he’s back as one-half of a vengeful spirit in the upcoming horror movie Devilreaux.  Todd plays Leonard, a man who was killed in the 1800s but resurrected in the form of the voodoo demon Devilraux (Vincent M. Ward), who seeks revenge on anyone who shares the same bloodline as his killers.  A group of teens unwittingly unleash Devilraux at an abandoned farmhouse and a detective has to investigate the aftermath and try to stop Devilreaux or he’ll continue his bloody rampage.  Jon Briddell, Meghan Carrasquillo, Sheri Davis, Krista Grotte Saxon, and Mike Ferguson co-star and the movie was directed by Thomas J. Churchill.  Devilraux is out in Theaters, On Demand and Digital June 9th and on DVD on July 18th.  Check out the trailer below.

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