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Everything Action Commentary: The Punisher (1989)

Zach, Chris and Joe are back to guide you through another “classic” movie with the second Everything Action Commentary, this time for 1989’s “The Punisher”, starring Dolph Lundgren.  Lundgren stars as ex-cop Frank Castle, who turns into a sewer dwelling vigilante after his family is blown up by a car bomb.  Frank faces his ultimate test when a ruthless Yakuza boss moves into town and lays waste to the competition with her army of ninjas.  It basically has nothing to do with the actual Marvel Comics character but it still has some ridiculous moments and characters, like Frank inexplicable drunk, British, hobo assistant and Louis Gossett Jr. as Frank’s former partner.  If you can somehow find a copy of the movie, come join the guys as they try to figure out what is going on, where the movie takes place and do plenty of Dolph Lundgren impressions.  Just like for our last commentary, if there’s any problems syncing up or what have you, let us know in the comments or e-mail us at contact@everythingaction.com.


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