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Musical Montage: Bowie Movie Moments

By Zach


In what was easily the worst way to wake up this morning, the world learned that the legendary David Bowie passed away at age 69 after a long battle with cancer.  For over 4 decades, Bowie was considered a “pop chameleon”, able to perfectly change his style and songs to fit the time period.  On the movie side of things, Bowie acted in movies like The Man Who Fell to Earth, Zoolander, The Prestige, The Last Temptation of Christ and, of course, Labyrinth and his songs have contributed to iconic scenes as well.  Here’s just a small sampling of Bowie’s contributions to the big and small screen, RIP.

Bowie judges the “walk off” between Hansel and Derek Zoolander


Bowie wrote the theme song for 1992’s “Cool World”, Real Cool World

Bowie was the greatest Tesla in film history in The Prestige

Heath Ledger livens up a stuffy medieval dance with “Golden Years” in A Knight’s Tale

Tarantino used Bowie’s “Cat People” for the scene where Shosanna gets ready to for the big premiere of the Nazi propaganda movie, Nation’s Pride, where she will try and get her revenge.

Bowie’s dark and creepy “The Hearts Filthy Lesson” was used for the end credits of Se7en

David Bowie improvises a song about Ricky Gervais on Extras

Bowie leaves a series of Da Vinci Codeesque clues for his young friend in Mr. Rice’s Secret

“Nothing you have ever seen or heard about David Bowie will prepare for his first dramatic performance in…The Man Who Fell to Earth”


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