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    October 21, 2021

    Scott Eastwood plays an ex-con and sociopath who heads to a mysterious island to investigate the death of his brother in the upcoming action/thriller Dangerous.  Eastwood is Dylan Forrester, who is on parole and getting therapy and antidepressants from his psychiatrist, played by Mel Gibson.  When he learns that his brother has died under mysterious […]

    Dolph Lundgren directs and co-stars with Scott Adkins for the upcoming action movie Castle Falls, where Adkins, Lundgren, and a gang of dangerous criminals race to claim a cache of $3 million dollars that was hidden by a now imprisoned gang leader in a hospital that is scheduled to be demolished.

    Both a critical and commercial success back in 2010, The Last Exorcism stood out from other found-footage movies thanks to its interesting characters, including Patrick Fabian’s disillusioned minister Cotton Marcus, and unique spin on the demonic possession/exorcism genre. You can check out the entire movie in the latest Everything Action Theater thanks to YouTube.

    October 20, 2021

    Created by puppeteer André Toulon, Blade is one of the leaders of the Marionette Warriors, puppets imbued with life by the Puppet Master. Depending on the intentions of the Puppet Master, Blade and the other warriors can act for good or evil as they’ve both fought and defeated a Nazi threat and slaughtered innocent people based on who is controlling them.

    October 19, 2021

    Scream is out on 4K this week along with Old, Snake Eyes, The Protege, Injustice, Superman & Lois Season 1, the 20th anniversary edition of Smallville and much more on DVD and Blu-ray

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