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Russell Crowe Gets Possessed in The Exorcism (Trailer)

Last year, Russell Crowe battled demons in The Pope’s Exorcist but he’s the one getting possessed this summer in The Exorcism.  Crowe plays Anthony Miller, a troubled actor starring in a demonic possession horror movie.  Fiction bleeds into reality as Miller starts to show signs of actual demonic possession, which makes his estranged daughter Lee (Ryan Simpkins) get help from Father Conor (David Hyde Pierce).  Kevin Williamson is one of the movie’s producers, which makes sense given the meta-movie within a movie theme.  Sam Worthington, Adrian Pasdar, Chloe Bailey, Adam Goldberg, and Samantha Mathis co-star, and the movie is directed by M. A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller, the duo who wrote The Final Girls and worked on USA’s Queen of the South.  The Exorcism is out on June 7th, and you can check out the trailer below.

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