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Action Hero of the Week: Jason Storm

May 29, 2024

Jason Storm, an underworld guard, gets knowledge of a conspiracy to kill all people on the surface. He flees to the surface and finds Sumai, a respected martial arts master, for an ally to stop the dirty plot, which includes his partner Zoey resurrected as a killer cyborg.

Action Hero of the Week: Kora

April 24, 2024

A former soldier for the Imperium of the Motherworld, Kora is trying to live a peaceful life as a farmer on the planet Veldt but is forced back into combat when the Imperium’s sadistic Admiral Atticus Noble threatens her new home.

Action Hero of the Week: Harmony

April 10, 2024

A survivor in the wasteland left by the “Final War”, Harmony teams up with fellow survivor Anderson to try and find safe haven and battle the cannibals, bounty hunters and Raiders that stalk the post-apocalypse.