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Action Hero of the Week: Cody Culp

September 29, 2021

Freshly released from prison, Cody Culp returns to high school and quickly realizes that the three new teachers brought in to get the gang-ridden school under control are androids that are killing students that get out of line.

Action Hero of the Week: Jonathan Hemlock

September 15, 2021

Former assassin turned art professor Jonathan Hemlock is forced back into action when his large collection of paintings is threatened to be revealed to the IRS and he agrees to two final “sanctions” against the men responsible for the death of an old friend and fellow agent, one of the sanctions sending him up the north face of the Eiger mountain in Switzerland.

Action Hero of the Week: John Shale

September 8, 2021

When his girlfriend has her leg broken by the gang that runs the rough Miami high school she works at as a teacher, mercenary John Shale goes undercover as a substitute to root the gangs and uncovers a plot that ships drugs out to the city.

Action Hero of the Week: Mason Hargreaves

August 18, 2021

When his son is gunned down during an armored truck robbery, crime boss Mason Hargreaves burns down everything in his path to get revenge and eventually goes undercover as an armored truck guard to flush out the person responsible for his son’s death.

Action Hero of the Week: Harley Quinn

August 11, 2021

After her romance and criminal career with The Joker, Harley Quinn was forced into being a member of Task Force X by the indomitable Amanda Waller to stop the threats of Enchantress and “Project Starfish” while also helping out some other lethal ladies to take down Gotham crime boss Black Mask.