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Everything Action Theater

It’s kind of like Masterpiece Theater, but with more explosions.

Everything Action Theater: Star Wars: Ewoks

After their debut in Return of the Jedi, the teddy bear warriors known as the Ewoks got not only two live-action TV movies but also an animated series that aired alongside Star Wars: Droids on Saturday Mornings on ABC starting in 1985.

Everything Action Theater: Jumanji The Series

After the release of Jumanji in 1995, UPN developed an animated series based on the movie for their UPN Kids block of programming starting in 1996 as Peter and Judy Shepherd entered the world of Jumanji to join Alan Parrish on various adventures and figure out a way to get Alan out of the game and back into the real world.

Everything Action Theater: Barbie Dance Club

Little girls are obsessed with Elsa and Anna these days but back in the day it was all about Barbie, who had hundreds of products outside the main toyline like this video Barbie Dance Club, which featured six Barbie themed music videos, Paula Abdul and the immortal Internet god known as Duane.

Everything Action Theater: Ghostwriter

There’s a weird reboot currently streaming on Apple TV+ but the original PBS Ghostwriter is a favorite of 90s kids everywhere as a group of friends in Brooklyn solved mysteries with the help of a mysterious but friendly spirit, the titular Ghostwriter.

Everything Action Theater: Gravedale High

Starring Rick Moranis, Gravedale High debuted in 1990 on NBC Saturday mornings and followed Moranis’ Max Schneider, the only human teacher at a school full of teenage monsters inspired by classic Universal Monsters and other iconic creatures.