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Everything Action Theater

It’s kind of like Masterpiece Theater, but with more explosions.

Everything Action Theater: Timecop The Series

Three years after the cult classic JCVD movie hit theaters, ABC ordered a TV series set in the world of Timecop, with a new TEC officer, Jack Logan, time travelling to hunt down and stop criminals who could cause irreparable damage to the timeline.

Everything Action Theater: Teen Wolf

Take a break from everything going on in the world and watch the 80s comedy classic Teen Wolf, starring Michael J. Fox, for the latest Everything Action Theater.

Everything Action Theater: Fastlane

In between the first two Fast & Furious movies in 2002, Fox was looking to create something similar with Fastlane, which starred Peter Facinelli, Bill Bellamy, and Tiffani Thiessen as undercover cops working in a secret division of the LAPD that infiltrated the seedy underworld of Los Angeles.

Everything Action Theaters: Dungeons & Dragons

Debuting in 1983 and running for three seasons until 1985, Dungeons and Dragons was a Saturday morning hit for CBS and followed six friends who were teleported to a fantasy realm after riding a D&D themed roller coaster and must help the Dungeonmaster battle the evil Venger, who is looking to conquer the realm.

Everything Action Theater: Saturday Supercade

Debuting in 1983, Saturday Supercade turned some of the biggest arcade hits at the time like Frogger and Donkey Kong into animated segments where Frogger was a reporter, Donkey Kong was constantly on the run from Mario, Q-Bert was a 50s teen comedy and more.

Everything Action Theater: Species

The result of a government experiment to make an alien-human hybrid, Natasha Henstridge starred as Sil, who escapes from her government containment and seeks to procreate to spread her alien species across the planet in 1995’s Species.

Everything Action Theater: Sonic Underground

Conceived to possibly help promote and raise interest in the Dreamcast, Sonic Underground debuted in 1999 and lasted one season. Set in a new continuity, it followed Sonic and his siblings Manic and Sonia as they searched for their mother and tried to stop Dr. Robotnik, who had taken over their home planet.

Everything Action Theater: The Terminator

With Terminator: Dark Fate out this week on DVD and Blu-Ray, it seems like the perfect time to rewatch the original 1984 classic, which is free to watch currently on Youtube, and right here with the latest Everything Action Theater.