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Know Your “That Guy”

Profiling the greatest character actors of all time

Know Your “That Guy”: Robert Forster

Playing everything from Middle Eastern terrorist Abdul in The Delta Force to hard boiled private eye Max Cherry in Jackie Brown, Robert Forster has had a diverse 160+ role career since the 60’s.

Know Your “That Guy”: Michael Cudlitz

Most recently appearing as Sgt. Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead, Michael Cudlitz has appeared in over 100 movies and TV shows over the years, usually as some sort of police or military officer.

Know Your “That Guy”: Hiro Kanagawa

Most recently appearing on the CW shows Arrow, Tomorrow People and The 100 and movies like Godzilla, Hiro Kanagawa has appeared in over 140 movies/TV shows, usually playing some sort of scientist or doctor.

Know Your “That Guy”: Reg E. Cathey

Best known recently for serving Frank Underwood’s favorite ribs on House of Cards, Reg E. Cathey has also appeared on shows like The Wire and movies like American Psycho and The Mask.