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Top 5 Most Ridiculous Batman Villains

By Zach


Batman has fought a lot of villains over the years.  But, for every Joker or Two-Face there’s someone who is less threatening or effective.  Here are 5 of the most ridiculous villains ever to cross paths with the Dark Knight.

5. Calendar Man

Calendar Man could be an effective villain except for one problem; he only commits crimes on holidays.  Yes, when Thanksgiving or Christmas comes around Batman knows that Calendar Man is probably up to something.  CM mostly spends his days in Arkham Asylum, acting insane and covering his walls with calendars.  He does sort of help Batman during The Long Halloween when someone similar to him, the Holiday killer, is on the loose so I guess that’s something.

4. Batzarro

The Waluigi of DC Comics, Batzarro comes from the same world as Bizarro, who he’s kind of a rip off of.  Aside from his terrible name he talks backward, has no eyes and terrible teeth.  His alter ego is Wayne Bruce and he eventually gets killed by the Joker, who also created him.

3. Mad Hatter

When I think of Alice in Wonderland I usually think of that damn Cheshire Cat and copious amounts of acid.   I’m not sure what Jervis Tetch was smoking when he decided to become a criminal but it must have messed him up pretty good.  He started dressing up as the Mad Hatter from Alice and went on a hat related crime spree.  He uses hats to mind control people, which are probably not the most effective weapons.  Well, unless you’re Odd Job.  In his down time Jervis likes to have tea party’s and rhyme, frightening.

2. Clock King

Batman villains have all sorts of special powers and skills.  Clock King aka Temple Fugate’s skill is being really punctual.  That’s probably not so much a villain skill as it is OCD.  After losing an important court case because he took some bad advice from the future mayor of Gotham to relax, Fugate goes overboard on the clock theme and starts a plan of revenge against the mayor.  Of course, Batman is there to save the day and defeats Clock King in, where else?, a clock tower.

1. Scarface and The Ventriliquist

Does it get anymore ridiculous than a dummy who’s a crime boss.  Scarface is a ventriliquist dummy who is based on Al Capone and carries a little tommy gun around and generally acts like it’s the 1920’s.  He’s also a split personality of his puppeteer, Arnold Wesker.  He also can’t say B’s, he pronunces them with G’s.  A nerdy puppeteer with a speech impediment and a wooden dummy are a major threat to Batman?  C’mon!

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