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Ghost Rider 2 directed by Neveldine/Taylor?

By Zach

So no one has really been clamoring for a sequel to 2007’s Ghost Rider, which starred Nicolas Cage but that might change after word got out this week that the duo behind the Crank movies, Neveldine and Taylor were looking to direct the sequel.  Sony had previously said that they might go forward on a sequel without Nic Cage because their rights would expire for the property but now it’s looking like Cage will be back, with a script written by Dark Knight screenwriter David S. Goyer.  This all actually sounds really awesome, just imagine Nic Cage in Bad Lieutenant mode with his head on fire and then all the crazy shit Neveldine and Taylor will throw on top of it. Plus they already kind of demoed it at the end of Crank: High Voltage.

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