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Know Your “That Guy”: Joe Pantoliano

Joe Pantoliano

Born: September 12, 1951

Number of Roles: 125

Best Known for Playing: Angry, Exasperated and Weaselly guys

First Appearance: Mugger in Road Movie (1974)

Most Recent Appearance: Peek in Cats & Dogs: The Return of Kitty Galore (2010)

Notable Roles:

  • Cypher in The Matrix
  • Snake in Running Scared (Original)
  • Frank Demarest in Empire of the Sun
  • Francis Fratelli in The Goonies
  • Dominic Fanelli in The Fanelli Boys
  • Cosmo Renfro in The Fugitive
  • Captain Howard in Bad Boys/Bad Boys II
  • Vinnie Greco in NYPD Blue
  • Animal Palotti on Godzilla: The Series
  • Teddy Gammell in Memento
  • Ben Ulrich in Daredevil
  • Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos

Fun Facts:

  • Almost always wears a cap or some sort of hat
  • One of his favorite movies is Shrek
  • Avid wine buff
  • Originally wanted to be a barber


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