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The Heisenberg Files: “Fifty-One”

Posted on August 5, 2012 by

Well, it was only a matter of time before Skyler and Walt finally butted heads on the post-Fring-death circumstances. Last week, Walt pinned Skyler’s breakdown with Marie as a result of her infidelity. This week, faced with Walter’s 51st birthday and his typical gloating of his good, clean life in front of Hank and Marie, Skyler goes off the deep end — literally.

This sets up the argument of the season thus far, with Walt and Skyler going as far as they can to keep appearances. And Walt has the upper hand. That is before Skyler drops a complete bomb: that she wants to keep the kids as safe as possible… as she wishes for Walt’s cancer to come back.

It’s clear that she wants Walt gone. The close call with Fring and Benneke only set off alarm bells in her head. To Walt, the danger is gone, but to Skyler, it has only intensified. She’s scared and putting the kids first.

It’s a devastating blow to Walt to see Skyler wishing for his demise. But it’s something he’ll have to realize as collateral for his continuing ways as a meth cooker. This relationship has taken a turn for much, much worse.

In the meantime, the DEA is turning up the heat at Madrigal, with Lydia’s muscle in the methylamine business being the next one busted. Mike enlists Jesse to take his place. Jesse and Lydia notice that there’s some sort of tracking device. Mike calls BS and is ready to get rid of her. But Heisenberg overrules him.

Walt comes home and shows his birthday present from Jesse to Skyler. He explains that the gift came from someone who only wanted him dead a short while ago. And while Walt continues to think things have changed for the better, the closing shot of the episode shows the clock ticking more frantically. Maybe Skyler is right. Maybe Heisenberg’s time is up soon.

Breaking Baddest: Skyler, who drops the ultimate bomb on Walt. This marriage is beyond dysfunctional.

Now We’re Cookin’… With Good Lines: “Kid, you’re giving me heartburn here!” — Mike

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