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The Pull List 1/22


  • TMNT: Utrom Empire #1: The newest TMNT mini series follows General Krang, Fugitoid and Baxter Stockman in the wake of the events of City Fall.  Krang is trying to extract the Fugitoid aka Honeycutt’s knowledge to complete the Technodrome but an uprising by the Utrom’s genetically engineered Triceratons and Dr. Stockman’s treason throw two huge wrenches into Krang’s plans.
  • Batman #27: Batman, discovering the latest victims of Dr. Helfern’s bone growing serum is attacked and almost killed by the GCPD, only to be rescued from Gotham Harbor by Detective Gordon.  Bruce is still reluctant to take on any allies and manages to track Helfern’s lab to the Gotham catacombs but learns that Enigma is behind Helfern and about to unleash an attack that will kill thousands of Gotham citizens.
  • Doc Savage #2: Doc’s cousin, Patricia Savage, stops an attack by an evil scientist named Vitas who has invented a “Devitalizing Gun” that drains the life force from anyone caught in it.  At Doc’s “Crime College”, where criminal are rehabilitated, Vitas causes one of his men to explode and takes hostages.  Doc arrives from his Arctic research base and jet packs in to take down Vitas and his men.  Patricia is caught in the devitalizing beam but Doc is able to save her with a radical new procedure he’s been researching.
  • Chew #39: I’m not ever sure how to describe what’s going on in Chew anymore because it’s great but insane when you try and list it.  Go back and check out the first trade or so and you’ll know if this series is for you or not.


  • Origin II #2: More of Wolverine’s past is being revealed in this new mini series and this issue picks up after Logan’s adopted family of wolves is killed by a rogue polar bear.  The bear seems to have been part of nefarious experiments conducted by the mysterious Dr. Essex, who has an army of men sweeping woods for the “wild man”.  Meanwhile, another group tries to find Logan with the help of expert tracker, Victor Creed.  Creed leads the group to Logan’s lair and they manage to capture him and then drag him back to civilization to be the star attraction of a circus.
  • Judge Dredd Mega City Two #1: If you haven’t read classic Dredd comics, you may not know that there are few other cities in the post apocalyptic world other than Mega City One.  It’s west coast sister city is Mega City Two and Dredd is sent there as part of a goodwill judge exchange program.  MCT’s laid back attitude on crime clashes with Dredd’s severe adherence to the law, replacing his motorcycle with an annoyingly chipper car and his lawgiver with a gun that shoots non lethal “friendly” bullets.
  • Animal Man #27: The series is nearing it’s end as the final battle for the Red begins.  Buddy Baker, after meeting with the alien “Bridgekeeper” last issue, arrives back in the Red with a slew of new alien animals in his arsenal and takes the fight to the evil totem who allowed Brother Blood to enter the Red.  Meanwhile, the remaining animal creatures of the Red make a last stand to protect Maxine Baker but are seemingly no match for Brother Blood and his army of flying horrors.
  • Eternal Warrior #5: Things flash forward to the year 4001 as Gilad is now the protector of a technologically backward village of people, one of which is his grandaughter, Cassandra.  A rogue mechanical monster attacks the village and delivers a deadly nuclear package, forcing the villagers into a fallout shelter in the ruins of a city.  Gilad and his grandaughter set out to possible get medicine to prevent radiation sickness and stop whoever sent the monster and arrive at the gates of a sinister looking city after stopping a group of slavers.
  • X-O Manowar #21: Stripped of his armor, Aric of Dacia becomes a prisoner and lab subject of the US military, who try to figure out the make up of his artificial arm and how to replicate the power of the Manowar armor.


  • All New Invaders #1: The OG Marvel team is back in a new series as the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond, Namor, Captain America and Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Solider are reunited when the Kree Empire attacks and is looking for pieces of a machine that The Invaders recovered during WWII that can control the Norse gods.  The pieces of the device were scattered and The Invaders minds were wiped of the memory but the Kree capture and torture Namor and learn where at least one piece is and then send their fierce female warrior, Talanth, after the Torch to recover his piece, only to be stopped by Cap and Bucky, who arrive to backup the Torch.
  • Iron Man #20: In the midst of the Inhuman outbreak occuring in the Marvel U, the final Mandarin ring, Nightbringer, searches for a proper host and finds it young, bitter, drug addicted Victor Kohl, whose entire family was transformed by the Terrigan Mists on Earth.  With his new powers, Victor attacks a military base housing those affected by the mists, kiling his father in his cocoon but is stopped by Tony before he can cause anymore damage.  Medusa confronts him after Victor himself is transformed by the mist, telling him that he is exiled from both his former family and the new family he would have had with the Inhumans.  Calling himself Exile now, Victor declares revenge on Tony Stark.
  • Captain America #15: Nuke’s story comes to a tragic end when the confused and manipulated super soldier, finally ready to get help from SHIELD, is transported to a SHIELD base in the Grand Canyon, only to be detonated by the evil Iron Nail and destroys the facility, killing him and most of the SHIELD agenst on site.  In the wake of the explosion, the bizarre anti-super soldier, Dr. Mindbubble is unleashed.
  • Indestructible Hulk #18: Bruce Banner’s solution to the Terrigan Mist problem doesn’t work as planned when his “humanity bomb” is detonated and wrecks havoc with the flow of time over Tulsa, OK.  Things speed up and slow down at random, as Bruce used some of the tech from the Chronoanarchists to try and speed up the decay of the Terrigan Mists radiation.  The town is saved for the most part by Hank Pym and Iron Man, who tell Bruce with some testing, his bomb could be the solution after all.  Bruce’s lab assistants are en route to pick him up when one of them succumbs to the Terrigan Mists and transforms into a monster.  Hulk fights him but the beams the monster shoots have the bizarre effect of causing Bruce to lose all of his anger, causing him to transform back and get thrown out of the plane.
  • Judge Dredd #15: Dredd is trying to track down the rogue Judge Tarjay but is sidelined by Chief Justice Cal, who is convinced Dredd is in on Tarjay’s killings.  Anderson tracks Tarjay to a burned out store that used to sell illegal tech and is transported by Tarjay into the “deadworld” where Tarjay kills her and claims to only need two more judges to complete his plan.  Dredd, meanwhile, headbutts Cal and tries to fight his way through the SJS officers but there are too many and he’s overwhelmed.
  • Samurai Jack #4: Jack makes his way to an icy village for the latest piece of the Threads of Time and discovers the village is ruled by an eternally young queen who controls them with an iron fist.  Through a miscommunication, Jack is thrown into the Queen’s kitchen to cook her seemingly never ending supply of birthday cakes but is freed by the threads, who are gaining sentience as more pieces are collected.  Jack defeats the queen’s robot guards and cuts off her ponytail, the next Thread, and she instantly ages and control of the village goes back to the former mayor.
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet #3: Deadpool makes his way from the tombs of Egypt to the streets of Greece on his mission for Dracula and comes face to face with a Minotaur, angered by Deadpool bringing Dracula’s bride into his town.   After a high speed scooter chase, Deadpool manages to ram the mystical beast off the road  but accidentally unleashes Dracula’s bride, Shiklah, the Queen of the Undead, who is being hunted by none other than Blade.


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