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News Shotgun 3/26


  • Fred Armisen will voice Krang for TMNT 2: The Portlandia star will voice the alien overlord in Out of the Shadows and hopefully it will be a throwback to the 80’s screeching Krang.
  • Talented Mr. Ripley becoming a TV series: The Matt Damon movie/Patricia Highsmith novel is coming to the small screen with Luther creator Neil Cross at the helm to put a new spin on con-artist Tom Ripley.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Last Man on Earth renewed: Fox’s two best comedies are returning for new seasons in the fall with Last Man on Earth getting a third season and Brooklyn Nine-Nine getting a fourth.
  • RIP Garry Shandling: The amazing comedian passed away at age 66 this past week from still unreleased causes.  Shandling had two excellent sitcoms with It’s Garry Shandling’s Show and The Larry Sanders Show, the latter of which is one the main influences for many of the best comedies in recent years.  Shandling also appeared in the MCU as Senator Stern, who kicked off the reveal that HYDRA had infiltrated all levels of the government in Winter Soldier.
  • Captain Britain TV series may be coming from Marvel: The UK’s biggest Marvel hero may be coming to TV based on a tweet from Scottish producer Ciara McAvoy, who tweeted out co-producers and a look at a modern take on the Captain’s uniform  Brian Braddock is Captain Britain in the Marvel universe, he’s bascially a magical Captain America, given his powers by Merlyn and fighting off various threats to the UK.  His twin sister Betsy is Psylocke and the legendary writers Chris Claremont and Alan Moore wrote runs of Excalibur, the title featuring Captain Britain in the UK.
  • Kirk Fogg will return for the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie: The host of the game show will return for Nick’s TV movie of Legends of the Hidden Temple and will have the familiar role of guiding the trio of kids entering the mysterious temple in the movie.
  • David F. Sandberg directing Annabelle 2: Director of the short horror film Lights Out and other short films will direct the follow up to The Conjuring spin-off Annabelle that will continue the evil doll’s reign of terror before she was put under lock and key in the basement of Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1971.
  • The new Tick has been cast: Excellent British comedian Peter Serafinowicz, who has been in Parks and Rec, Shaun of the Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy and was even the voice of Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace, has been cast as The Tick for Amazon’s upcoming pilot episode for a potential new series.
  • Jacob’s Ladder remake casts Michael Ealy: Karl Urban’s robotic partner on Almost Human will star in the upcoming remake of Jacob’s Ladder, which will be set in the modern day and seems like it will be significantly different from the Tim Robbins’ starring original, as it’s adding a brother character and be more of an action movie that the psychological thriller of the original.
  • Lucas Till is the new MacGyver: The X-Men universe’s Havok will be the new Angus MacGyver for CBS in their upcoming reboot series. The show follows MacGyver’s recruitment into the Department of External Services and his evolution into the master of improvisation we know from the original 80’s show.

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