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Musical Montage: Enrique Iglesias “Hero”

Although most of us probably consider it one of the cheesiest songs ever now, back in 2002, Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero” was a massive hit.  Coming off Iglesias’ second English album, Escape, Hero hit radio stations in January 2002 and hit number one on multiple Billboard genre charts and number 3 on the Hot 100 and won multiple year end awards as well.  The real reason we’re featuring it here on Musical Montage though is the music video and the appearance of none other than Mickey Rourke.  Directed by Torque’s Joseph Kahn (who is currently Taylor Swift’s go to director), the music video seems inspired by movies like True Romance as Iglesias and his love interest, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, have apparently stolen a huge amount of cash from a criminal played by Rourke, who’s hunting them down with his band of goons.  There’s some prime Rourke acting, even though he doesn’t have any dialogue, including a dramatic coat removal and a “fight” between himself and Iglesias.  Check it out below.

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