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The Pull List – She Could Fly #2

By Chris

Luna Brewster has been fascinated by a mysterious flying woman, who has been soaring the skies of Chicago by unknown means. But after a tragic explosion leaves the city that permanently grounds the flying woman, Luna fragile mind shatters. Filled with dreadful thoughts and unsolved questions, Luna’s obsession over the flying woman will lead her into her own investigations, if her mind can handle it. Meanwhile, a fugitive scientist Bill Meigs, someone’s whose work has created the flying woman, visits Chicago to find out more about the woman also. All while the Eon-Def Industrial moves to cover up the whole incident and contains rumors from spreading, by any means necessary.

Issue two shows the traumatic reality of Luna’s condition and where her delusions will push her. She was battling her inner demons unsuccessfully with minor therapy, and her latest obsession over the flying woman gave her hope to believing in peaceful future. But tragedy of the Flying Woman exploding in the air cause her panic mind to become more manic. The only way she could make sense of this all was to start her own investigation, focusing all her energy towards uncovering more about the flying woman over her own mental health. It is a big risk, but this is the one goal Luna has, and her mind won’t let it go. Bill Meigs plays a larger part in the story, showing off that he is not just an egghead, but a careful survivalist. A rogue scientist that has learned to hide in plain sight. He’s work in the flying woman does not go into great detail at the moment, but he is oblivious connect the incident.

This next chapter to the story definitely sets the major players in motion; Luna learning more about the flying woman, Bill uncovering his work, and the agents of Eon-Def hunting down leads to contain the technology of the flying woman. Christopher Cantwell makes every scene dramatic, with frightful thoughts that haunt Luna’s mind and tense moments that unnerve Bill’s mission in Chicago. Martín Morazzo artwork quickly transforms Luna’s perspective of the world with hellish visuals that encompass the struggles of mental illness. She Could Fly continues to be a suspenseful tale that promises to throw for more twist and turns in the upcoming issues.

She Could Fly #2 will be on sale August 8th 2018

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